Prof. J.H. Nyeko Pen-Mogi

Founding Vice Chancellor of Gulu University

Gulu University

Faculty of medicine

Prof Jack Nyeko Pen-mogi, source internet

From his beginnings as a doctor of veterinary medicine performing research in molecular parasitology, Prof. Pen-Mogi has amassed a distinguished career in academic and public administration, and in higher education.

He is a former Member of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, serving Kilak County in Northern Uganda, and a Fellow of the prestigious Uganda National Academy of Science. Dr. Pen-Mogi was the chairman of the task force that developed Gulu University and led to its establishment in 2002, where he now continues to serve as its Vice Chancellor.

He established the School of Medicine of Gulu University in 2004, and has led the university to become the second ranked among public universities in Uganda in production of research and publications. He is also the Chairman of the National Council for Higher Education and of the newly formed, National Environmental Management Agency of the Republic of Uganda.

Prof. Pen-Mogi deserve recognition because it’s his caring and desire that helped to restore the dignity and productivity of the victims of war that spawned vision to create the Biotechnology, Trauma & Disease Treatment Centre at Gulu University, where he now leads the effort as its Executive Chairman and Principal Investigator.

He created a number of relationships between Gulu university and other university like the University of Naples which gave birth to the development of a project proposal named GULUNAP (GULU and NAPLES) which was later submitted to the Italian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda and got some funding which helped in establishing the faculty of Medicine in Gulu University in 2004…..and also in remodeling some old buildings at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, equipped the anatomy, microbiology and physiology laboratories for the University.

Pen-mogi’s contribution help strengthened the tripartite relationships between St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor (a leading private hospital in the country), Gulu University and University of Naples. When the faculty of Medicine started in October 2004, it was not easy to get senior lecturers in medicine willing to come and teach in Gulu University because of the civil war that was at its peak in northern Uganda. But Pen-mogi and through his hard work was able to mobilize senior professors from Italy (University of Naples) who came to Gulu to teach medical students at the university despite the insecurity.

Professor Jack Nyeko Pen-Mogi the vice-chancellor of Gulu University deserves recognition for the African University Day 2015