The closure of Uchumi supermarket Gulu made a number of workers who come from outside the district stranded and hopeless of what to do next after going 2 months without their pay.

Hannington Owere, an employee of the closed Uchumi supermarket said he was transferred from Tororo to work in Gulu against his interest but now the supermarket is closed and he is left in dilemma.

He said he wants now is to get transport back home and 2 months’ salary o that he goes and settle back home in Soroti district than roaming the streets of Gulu town.


This morning, over 100 former employees of Uchumi supermarket petitioned Gulu district local government officers to come in and help them and follow the management of the supermarket so that they are given a proper job termination.

The former employees who held a peaceful demonstration in Gulu town today marched from the Supermarket through the streets of Gulu to the district headquarters to deliver their petition letter to the district officials.

In their petition letter, the former employees claim the closure of the supermarket left them with unpaid salary of September and October and are demanding for terminal benefits, transport repatriation back home after termination of their jobs, severance pay, and certificate of service and recommendation letter.

They are also demanding Uchumi supermarket to pay their National Social Security Fund (NSSF) which they claim the supermarket management had been deducting it from their pay but never been remitted on their individual accounts for the last two years.

Simon Okwera, chairman Uchumi workers union, Gulu said they learnt about the decision to close Uchumi supermarket over social media and before it came down to Gulu thy realized the top management had already escaped.

No clear words still from the district officials.