Gulu district local government has funds that are unaccounted for 5 times than Amuru district local government according to the Auditor General’s report year ended June 2014. Amuru district local government had UNQUALIFIED opinion from the AG while Gulu District Local government got QUALIFIED EXCEPT FOR opinion.

Amuru district local government had a total of 57,262,050 fund unaccounted for and Gulu District Local government at 251,724,339.

Other local governments with unaccounted for funds include;

Entity Type of Opinion
Gulu M.C Unqualified
Amuru T.C Unqualified
Anaka  T.C Unqualified
Agago T.C Unqualified
Pader T.C Unqualified
Gulu DLG Qualified Except for
Pader DLG Qualified Except for

Graph showing the unaccounted for funds for the selected districts

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