Journalists in Northern Uganda criticized the action of police officers and security personnel of the resident district commissioner of Gulu district. This follows the harassment of a journalist who was forced to delete pictures of a private vehicle registration number UAV 009W which had delivered the RDC to the celebration of Labor Day at Kaunda grounds on Friday 1st May.

It is alleged that the vehicle developed some mechanical problem and failed to start and the police resorted to push it away from the event ground.

Moses Odokonyero the chairman of Northern Uganda Media Club condemned this uninformed action of the police officers because there is no law which prohibits journalists or anyone from taking pictures of a private vehicle in a public place during a public event.

“We ask the police to investigate the actions of the officers involved to avoid a possible future repeat because it is in the interest of everyone including the police that journalists are free to collect process and disseminate information because a free media also promotes development and respect for human rights,” he said

Ojara Martin Mapenduzi apologized for the misfortune, noting that journalist must be given a free environment because by their works, the public is informed and educated.

There are numerous reports of harassment of journalist in Northern Uganda and that have made journalist in Northern Uganda continue to work under difficult circumstances thus depriving the public off the important right to access of information.