I want to be a better believer and this time I am seriously working on it to be a true follower of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m always doing everything I can to put more faith in my life. I read the bible most of the times, I seek out true friends and elders to share the loving messages of Christ. All of these practices have helped me become a better believer.

But along the way, I’ve discovered that there are a handful of things many of us strive for that will do nothing to make us better believers.

I’ve also discovered a list of things that we all know, but sometimes overlook, that will always make us better believers—and preachers of the good news of Christ.

The first list is not exhaustive but I think the second one is and each one stands on its own.

What Will Not Make Us Better Believers and preachers of the good news.

  • More people in our church and a bigger building: This one goes mostly to the born-agains, sometimes we think having a larger congregation and a very big furnished building makes us holy.
  • Money first and more money in the offering; I have been to a number of churches, the moment you enter taaaappp!!!!!! After a few praises and worship songs, “Offer to the Lord” one-ten and normal offering. Then the Pastor comments that the congregations aren’t giving to the Lord.
  • A bigger staff doesn’t mean holiness.
  • A better worship team: Though God must be worship John 4:24, it doesn’t matter the number of worshippers, after all we are facing judgment individual, so what’s the different with worshiping him alone where need be?
  • More invitations to preach/teach at camps, conferences and seminars
  • Comparing ourselves with other believers, pastors and churches: Our God is a loving and forgiving Lord who takes us in whatever state we are in, 2 Corinthians 5: 5-15.
  • Appearances and rankings in our churches. Before God, all mankind is equal be it the president of the Republic of Uganda, M7 or a peasant, all are very equal. No front seats for political heads or influential persons: For there is no partiality with God”   —Romans 2:11

Most of those things aren’t wrong in themselves. Many of them can be a blessing. But if you think you need any of them of them to be a better believer or have a better church or be a better preacher of the word of God, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

What Will Make Us Better Believers are:

  • A strong and growing relationship with Jesus
  • A strong and growing relationship with our family
  • A strong and growing relationship with our church
  • A strong and growing relationship with people outside the church

Remember, these are my thinking.

So now up to you, what do you think? What would you add to or subtract the list?