In the recently released indicative planning figures of the Youth Livelihood Projects by the permanent secretary, Gulu Municipality received a total figure of 191,493.002 Uganda shillings of which released for the funds for youth projects will be based on submission of fund requests for approved projects by the district to the Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development.

But this is not my point of interest. Recently I was chatting with a youth leader from the Municipal; he was expressing to me how angry he was with the little amount allocated for Gulu municipal. Later he told me he was so emotional about that, BUT is “drunk” an emotion? Because if it was, I would have been feeling SUPER emotional that time…

I hear the objective of this program, the government project is to empower the target youth to harness their socioeconomic potential and increase self-employment and income levels. But who are the target youth?????? That makes me to try to master the art of stealing public/youth fund without looking like……………..Who swindled PRDP MONEY? Or that caught shoplifting?”

I see hair growing from their ears and nostrils but that doesn’t matter to them that they are getting old, right? Means they are turning into a werewolf! Right? Yeah… they may be old… But they are still hot at embezzlement….. They come in flashes now!

A friend of mine recently told me to update my self and I asked my self: does he mean there can be a latest version of me????? He thinks am a one youth like him. I mean a single like him. I’m double and it’s not easy especially at these times of unemployment and credit crunch. My bank statements is just the visual record of bad decisions I have made and sometimes make me I feel like taking my wife to a wife swapping party… Hoping to get a ………………… (I can’t tell what to compare) in return.

Dear fellas lets start something original because we are the intersection between having too much poverty and government neglect.   We’ve made some pretty bad choices in life but I have to admit, messing with our lives could be the worst ones. If no one comes from the future to stop us, I don’t know how bad some decision could really be in the next year.

In any case if the youth money falls our way, man…………………. There must be a law requiring our to explain how we misuse the money before we’re allowed to complain about it”

If we use it part for marriage then after that for sure we will start to complain again and think our wives has been a tumor all along because of the headaches we will go through.

Sincerely, some times dealing with the youth are the hardest thing and I guess the government the statement, everything you say can and will be used against you in marriage vows and also. That way part of the problems we give to the government will be solved at family levels.

To the ladies, stop lying especially about your ages, it’s easier I know because you have trouble remembering what it is. We all in the same soup but incase someone asked your age and is mean to you, just lean in and whisper “I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world” to them & tell them president of Uganda just launched a livelihood fund.Gulu street