Since yester-night, there has been rumors spreading around Gulu town and Uganda at large that the Democratic Party President Hon. Norbert Mao has passed on. The Hon was admitted to Gulu Independent hospital last week and later transferred to St. Mary’s Hospital, Lacor.

Ojara Martin Mapenduzi, the Chairman LC5 of Gulu district who is permitted by the D.P president to speak on his behalf has rubbished this rumor that is spreading saying that it is a big lie that some people are spreading around.

“Norbert Mao was admitted to Gulu Independent because of malaira and was discharge after a day and went back home. But after that he was having a lot of cold and was again taken to Lacor hospital and was found to be having anemia, he started getting treatment fro there but there was a lot of visitors coming in and he then decided to be flown to Nairobi so that he can get enough rest, said Mapenduzi

Mapenduzi added that doctors advised him not to use the phone so his phone is with the wife, NAome and she’s the one taking he calls. “She said Mao is responding very well to the treatment and they are not happy with what some people are saying,” noted Mapenduzi of what Naome told him.

Mapenduzi said said a lot of people have been calling him to confirm this baseless rumor and as leaders, they don’t have to deceive the people who trusted them; there is nothing they are hiding and Mao is doing very well.

“Those people spreading these unnecessary rumor on facebook and radio must stop, the Honorable is very well,” warned Mapenduzi

He said Mao have entrusted the chairman of the Acholi Parliamentary Group Reagan Okumu, his brother Dan Kidega and him to make statements on his behalf and people can inquire a lot from them about Mao.