The nodding disease communities in Northern Uganda are to receive 32 herds of cattle as part of the restocking program taking place under PRDP2 which is ending next year in June. These herds of cattle are surpluses of the 864 herds of cattle that were accounted for the 16 parishes in Gulu district.

Dr. Tonny Aliro, the veterinary officer of Gulu said at firstthe committees who selected only 56 parishes from Gulu but later it was noticed that 16 parishes were missing so after that corrections were don eand the 90 herds of cattle were added but it was 32 in surplus.

Aliro added that they have decided that the 32 surplus herds of cattle will be given to th nodding diseases communities to assist them. He added that the communities to receive these herds of cattle shall be decided soon and have it delivered..