I remember what the late Mwalimu Nyerere wrote about Uganda, he said of their period as follows: “If the Ugandans thought they were on the frying pan under Obote, they found themselves in the fire proper under Amin”.
That was the perfect description of their time. Some of us never had the advantage to witness and understand everything that was going on but here we are young enough to live for long. Now, we, as youth, belong to sectarian parties, Democratic Party (DP) and are in Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC), NRM etc.
However, we have started developing grave doubts about the direction of that blind, irresponsible, opportunistic sectarian politics. Right from the beginning, we never knew sectarianism is illogical and, obviously, run counter to the interests of the people.
We eagerly need prosperity and security for each individual family and for the entire society as it’s said. When we talk of prosperity and security, we mean prosperity through production, not through parasitism.
When we talk of security, we mean security in pursuing one’s legitimate interests. There are, of course, other interests such as cultural, spiritual, etc. However, the core ones and on which all the other interests depend, are prosperity and security of person and property. Prosperity through production means producing and selling what you produce.
Therefore, those who have been in the habit of pushing for sectarianism are the real enemies of not only security but also the prosperity of the African peoples, Ugandans inclusive. It is this firm belief of ours that propelled us to sow the mustard seed of non-sectarianism that, eventually, became the mighty tree of NRM/NRA and the present peace in the whole country.
Our grandfathers were to build a very powerful force. That force enabled them to win all the wars they fought which brought democracy to the country as well as peace and development. In bringing democracy, they also restored the rights of the different cultural groups in Uganda, if we so wish, to restore the traditional cultural institutions or even create new ones, the conditions are that they MUST NOT meddle in partisan politics, administration and legislation.
Worse now, some of the cultural institutions have started to act as counter to our message of non-sectarianism. They have actively fomented sectarianism and tribal chauvinism. Acting and talking selfishly on politics as if the only thing that matters are some leaders belonging to a traditional setup. Yet, Bible and the Qur’an as well as common sense hold that all people are born equal and must be treated as such.
We have repeatedly and politely pointed out this point. Yet, some elements among the cultural institutions have also been repeatedly uttering sectarian and chauvinist words and also acting in that manner. I have a live example from the acholi land.
This now brings me to talk about the insecurities in Uganda, recentlythe armed robbery in Gulu distict which scores of boa-boda riders with wounds and a number of motorcycles robbed, a senior lecturer at Gulu University brutally murdered. I am glad the officials of Gulu claimed down the situation.
And now the Bundibugyo tribal clash which erupted nearly a week after the Rwenzururu Kingdom celebrated it’s 50 years of existence. I think Bundibugyo has forgotten what they went through with the Bakonzo in their time for struggle for independence from Tooro Kingdom.
There has been heavy deployment of police in the district with claims that a cross section of one tribe wanted to attack and burn Omusinga’s (King) palace that was recently launched in Bundibugyo district. Sincerely people are fighting each other.
Several have lost their properties which were burnt during the clashes and some people were injured in the process.
I believe there is much hope in clinching a peaceful cooperation between the tribes after the King is said to have held a series of meetings with elders in Bundibugyo district.
This now looks to be a trying moment for the Rwenzururu Kingdom administration that was already involved in issues concerning the installation of the Busongora Kingdom leader

OMG Help our dear country