Alcohol interestingly to me I’ve realized is a drug- in fact, it’s the most widely misused one among students in Uganda. Alcohol consumption is the drinking of beverages containing alcohol. Alcohol ranges from the cheap locally brewed one to wines and beers.

I being a very typical example of a student whom alcohol has wasted can give a very lively example of what influences students to drink alcohol and how it has affected me.

What influences students in my school and region to take alcohol are:

  • Less supervision from teachers and parents.
  • Having friends who drink and spending a lot of time together; the influence of friends is a strong start for students to drink.
  • Exposure to a family member who drinks; Family drunkenness is a very strong influence, particularly if it is parents who have been drunk. The possibility of a student getting drunk many times is great if they have seen their parents drunk. This is also the same as seeing their older siblings drunk.
  • Age and having positive expectations towards alcohol; this is the strongest influence. Expecting positive outcomes from drinking and finding a range of drinking behavior acceptable for someone of their age.
  • Easy access to alcohol; the source of alcohol and the ease to get it influences a student to take alcohol. This is the only area where family is not a strong influence. However, parental supervision is reflected indirectly in the amount of evenings a student spends with friends

While friends at school play a critical role, family has a strong direct and indirect influence. The parent has a strong influence on the student’s behavior. This ranges from the point at which alcohol is introduced, to exposure to adult drinking and drunkenness, to the amount of supervision placed on a student. There are times when if parents and teachers intervene, they could bring positive changes on students who drink excessively. These interventions require government involvement at a national and local level involving families, schools and support services.


School is a golden opportunity to prepare for the future. Building lasting relationships and enjoying our time in school is important. But the real reason we go to school is to get an education and develop who we are and who we want to be. The choices we make outside the classroom can seriously affect our performances in the classroom. Alcohol use affects by contributing to:

  • Skipping class
  • Missing exams
  • Misfiring a question because of hangovers
  • Disability to think correctly

Although, not all students drink, other students frequently suffer from the behavior of students who drink. The effect of drinking affects others in a variety of ways, ranging from small annoyances that interfere with one’s studies to criminal behavior and serious acts of violence. Students who don’t drink are often affected by:

  • Having study or sleep interrupted.
  • Taking care of a drunken student.
  • Being insulted or humiliated.
  • Experiencing an unwanted sexual advance.
  • Having a serious argument or quarrel.
  • Being pushed, hit, or assaulted.

Taken together, all of these factors can result in low performances, dismissal and school dropout.